The Conjuring (2013)

“When the music stops, you’ll see him in the mirror standing behind you.”

So IMDB gave this movie a 7.6, which I think is kind of stupid. I would say this is one of the BEST horror movies to come out last year and deserves a better rating. It’s a pretty serious watch. This based on a true story follows Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are paranormal ghost busters, and do what they do best, which is confiscate household items from peoples homes to which ghosts are attached? Or something along those lines… Anyway, Carolyn Perron, a house wife and mom of a bunch of girls, finally goes to Ed and Lorraine for help because some pretty cray cray paranormal starts to happen.

The home they move into, which was cheap (go figure), turns out to be infested with spirits murdered by a curse of an old witch who hung herself there. So get ready for people falling down stairs, ghosts playing hide and go…clap, and an intense exorcism scene that is just straight up creepy.

The director James Wong is a genius. This film, in my mind, sits on the hall of fame right next to “Poltergeist” and the “The Exorcist”.

I wont tell you all that happens, just know that 1. I approve of this movie, it is freaky. 2. Its way better than Insidious 2. and 3. It has some great 70’s songs.

Movie Trailer:



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