Barricade (2012)

Barricade (2012)

To be honest, my expectations were very low for this movie. The ratings were not high at all, IMDB gave it a 4.4 rating. I can see how it might be classified as a “low budget” film, but that doesn’t take away from its straight up freakiness! Usually I am a silent jumper during scary scenes, but there were 2 instances that I let out a verbal sign of fright.

Terrance Shade, a grieving widower, and prescription pill abuser, decides to take his kids to a cabin in Idaho, where his late wife use to frequent as a young girl. Well, when the snow gets really heavy and completely covers the car, they are forced to remain and “barricade” themselves from a ghostly entity that seems to be stalking them from the outside, or IS it outside?

The acting was great! especially from Ryan Grantham and Conner Dwelly, two unknown children actors. If you have Hulu or other means of getting a hold of this, its definitely a film you should check out!



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