Carrie (2013)

“She is such a freak.”

Carrie White is your average high school teen with telekinetic powers. This movie is a remake of the 1976 film classic “Carrie” and based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King. Pretty much the only monster in this movie is Carries mother. Too be completely honest, she is such a freak. A religious fanatic, she assumes that anything and everything you do will cause you to go to hell. This would include her daughter getting asked to the high school prom. As the big night approaches, Carrie begins to hone her powers more and more.

Jealousy, drama, and spite fuel a horrendous prank that is played on the special night. Maybe its just me, but I really do not feel bad for the people who wind up dead at the end of the movie. I wont tell you what happens, but if you have seen the original movie, its basically the same thing.

I really liked this movie, even though the entire first part of the movie feels almost like a chick flick. It definitely spends the 100 minutes building up to a climatic bucket of pig blood. If that sounds weird, or this post made no sense at all, just watch the movie, definitely the worth the $1.20 at Redbox.


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