The Rite (2011)

“Be careful Michael, choosing not to believe in the devil doesn’t protect you from him.”

The Rite was entertaining. I’ve scrolled past this one a few times on Amazon and Netflix, and finally decided to give it a go.

It’s about an American Seminary student named Michael Kovak (Colinrite O’Donoghue) who signs up to take an exorcism course in Rome because there apparently is a shortage of exorcists and an increase in demonic possessions (job security?). Turns out Michael is a bit of a skeptic, so he is sent to mentor with Father Lucas Trevant (Anthony Hopkins) who gives Michael a first rate tour of demonic possession- before all hell breaks loose, no pun intended.

The cinematography was noticeably better then I expected. I’ve been watching some Rob Zombie films lately (House of 1000 Corpses, Devils Rejects, etc)- and I was really needing to watch something that was visually appealing. I’m not saying Rob Zombie movies are bad, but The Rite pulled off a crisp viewing experience that felt good.

I don’t want to ruin the entire movie for you, but honestly, this is one of the better horror films on Netflix right now, if you’re into exorcist type movies. Although, it’s not the scariest exorcism movie out there, it’s still worth watching.


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