I have an obsession. Paranormal, Slasher, Science Fiction, Spoofs, Remakes, Action Horror, Psychological,  Aliens, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves; and i’m not talking about that “twilight” crap. These reviews, and this blog, are dedicated to any supposed pillow squeezing, heart pounding, pants pissing films from our favorite movie genre, Horror.

Any night can be a “scary movie” night, and now, whenever I have a chance, ill scavenge the Redbox machine outside of McDonalds, navigate the endless guano of Netflix and Hulu, and dig threw those giant Walmart bins of “forgotten” movies to find a movie that can still entertain and torture me with suspense and jump scares. And SOMETIMES, if the trailer can entice me enough, i’ll fork out the big bucks and see a film on the big screen.

Take the opportunity to comment on a review, suggest a horror movie that you recommend, or request a movie review from yours truly! I want this blog to be just as much yours as it is mine.


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